Daily Fishing Reports

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This page was last updated: July 27, 2014
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July 27
The fishing improved dramatically the later part of this week. Each day we had lots of throwbacks with a handful of keepers. Of couse we had a nice crowd onboard Saturday, but after a nice first drift the conditions made fishing less  than perfect. Wind against tide and the boat hardly moved resulting in slower fishing. The weather looks great after today so come and join us. Sailing daily 8 AM - 1 PM.
July 19
The fishing improved today with over 15 keeper fluke and some sea bass too. There were the customary shorts to keep folks busy as well. The water has warmed up to 70 which is great for fluking. The boat has plenty of room so come and join us any day.
July 11
Fishing has remained on the slow side. Cold water has the fluke lock-jawed. We are seeing some nice sea bass almost everyday. When the water temperatures climb upwards we should see an improvement in fishing.

Two keepers from Friday's trip.
Drop your kids off in the morning and pick them and DINNER up in the afternoon.