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This page was last updated: August 13, 2014
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August 13
Some better days and some slower days based solely on the condtions. Too little drift then too much drift. Some days the bait fishermen do well and others the fishermen using bucktails are the hot hands. We are seeing nicer fluke starting to bite. Each trip typically sees a few fish in the 3 to 6 pound range. The weather looks PERFECT through the weekend so come and join us for a day of fishing or for an evening cruise which sails everynight at 7 PM.
August 5
Pretty much the same picture over the last week action with shorts is steady with a handful of keeper fluke and sea bass a day. We are seeing more fish that are in the keeper range an it should only get better as the season continues. Some days the bait is working better and other the fishermen jigging with Spro bucktails are seeing better results.
July 27
The fishing improved dramatically the later part of this week. Each day we had lots of throwbacks with a handful of keepers. Of couse we had a nice crowd onboard Saturday, but after a nice first drift the conditions made fishing less  than perfect. Wind against tide and the boat hardly moved resulting in slower fishing. The weather looks great after today so come and join us. Sailing daily 8 AM - 1 PM.

There are some nicer fluke starting to show.
It was a team effort as Bohn and Dominic Ench caught a nice flattie.
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